“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” — Albert Einstein

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Times Square

I wish Dick Clark could find a way to gracefully retire. He comes across as a freak with the dyed hair and taut skin of a plastic surgery addict and now the stroke-induced speech impediment adds a pathetically sad postscript to his otherwise illustrious career. He should've gone out in style five years ago instead of putting us through this torturous yearly event.

Las Vegas is still trying to steal the show from New York with redundant escapades by leather-clad motorcyclists, while New York thinks the rest of the world wants to watch the Clintons kiss in Times Square. Where was the ball? Hidden behind dozens of neon ads and Toshiba billboards, we never saw it drop (maybe it doesn't do that anymore) and the channel we finally settled on didn't even have the countdown. We would've been better served by staying at our card table with our euchre game.

After ten minutes of television commercials and the afore-mentioned trivialities, we went back to our game, our homemade bourbon balls, and our cask ale. Visible through the picture window, Orion was taking down the house, and even the slip of a setting moon on the opposite side of the sky outshone Times Square. Frost coated the windows and kept the beer cold on the porch and nobody even pretended to make a resolution.

Patty’s Bourbon Balls
2 ½ c. vanilla wafers (finely crushed)
1 c. powdered sugar
2T. cocoa
1 c. pecans or walnuts (finely chopped)
1/3 c. natural coconut
3 T. corn syrup
½ c brandy or bourbon
Powdered sugar.

Mix the first five ingredients well. Add syrup, brandy and mix well. Roll into 1 inch balls, then roll in powdered sugar. Do not bake. Store in an airtight container in a cool place and they will taste better after a few days. Brandy balls improve with time.


Chatters said...

Yes... Love the New Year's Eve prose. I didn't see the ball drop either. I thought I was too drunk! But it didn't happen the way it once did. Agree with all your sentiments.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ms. Chatters. Another thing that has just become clear to me is why people leave parties or gatherings before midnight. They don't want to feel obliged to give or accept kisses from around the room.

Melissa said...

Mom, I have just now read this post and, although it is almost March, I still clearly remember how depressed we became on New Year's Eve watching Dick Clark. You are right! Why couldn't he gracefully retire and leave everyone with the memory of his vivacious younger self?