“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” — Albert Einstein

Friday, February 20, 2009

World Gone Wild

Is the world going crazy? A mentally deranged woman keeps a male chimpanzee (APE) as a "pet" and when he goes berserk and tears her friend's face off, she blames her friend for having a different hairdo? She eats with this animal, shares her wine with him and pops Xanex with him, bathes with him, and sleeps with him and God knows what else she was alluding to doing with him in one of her many bizarre interviews.

Then there is the Octo-Woman. Six children under the age of eight weren’t enough for her. Unmarried, no job, living with her parents who have both now flown the coop, she says she is "blessed" to have eight more babies. Blessed? Babies are not puppies for God's sake. Can you imagine the daily hospital bill alone? Who is going to feed, clothe and take care of these fourteen children? She has a publicist and is hoping for a book deal. What?? Wouldn’t I and the hundreds of other writers supporting themselves with jobs they dislike while they plug away at their computer every chance they get, love a book deal? What an insult. Is she also hoping for a photo exclusive or a movie deal, a tell-all on Oprah or her own reality TV show? Or,as rumor now has it, will she succumb to the million dollar offer to do a porno? Should we be surprised by this? The whole thing was initiated as a publicity stunt, but does anybody care what the nutso’s story is? I’d just like the doctor who implanted eight embryos in a woman her age with her personal and financial situation to be prosecuted and the babies to be given up for adoption to families who aren't out to exploit them.

Then there’s Joe the Plumber who actually does have a book deal if he can get someone to write it for him. He is, after all, busy with his Middle East peace keeping mission and his Capitol Hill policy speeches and his radio talk show blitz. Maybe he can fill in for Rush Limbaugh who fell off the deep end the day after the election, ranting and raving ever since. Can you just envision the man behind the microphone, foaming at the mouth and popping pills, as he spits his hate-filled invective over the airwaves? I have to believe he is on the fringe with his message, so why do so many radio stations carry him? Because he’s a cheap way to fill air space? It’s not that he’s bad for the democrats. He’s bad for America.

How cheap are we? Is there a crazy connection between Simian love and Octo-woman, Joe the Plumber and Limbaugh? Are we not the laughing stock of the world as we fall to our knees and prostitute ourselves for a “story”?


rebecca said...

Hi Yvonne,

I sometimes wonder if there is a perpetual full moon because these nutjobs just keep it coming!

a) Simian Love: well, you already know I said more than my share on that on my blog. WTF?!!! Anyone who would think that an ape is a "gentle" animal is clearly insane. Clearly. They can kill you in a heartbeat without even breaking into a sweat.

b) octo-mom: *sigh* what the f*ckity, f*ck, f*ck! sorry to cuss here, but i just can't find a more appropriate word. another mentally deranged woman who shouldn't be walking the streets as a free, sane woman. i feel for those kids though. i really do.

joe the plumber: idiot extraordinaire. why anyone in their right mind would even give him a minute longer of fame is beyond me. but this media business is a prostitute always looking for a quick buck. unfortunately, this "john" is a dud.

Yvonne said...

Hi Rebecca,

There is no more appropriate word! I hope octo-woman gets nothing because her behavior shouldn't be rewarded, but she and her 14 kids are sure to be a drain on their community, so it's a no-win situation. Even her mother is jumping ship! You're right about the media, ditto for the dumb saps who lap up reality TV. Joe the dud...ha. Hey, there's a thread here-the prostitution of America.

Glad you got your blog problem fixed, or did it fix itself?