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Friday, June 12, 2009

Strawberry Fields

We picked the first strawberries of the season yesterday. There is nothing like a Michigan strawberry and they're well worth the wait. The memory of our Michigan berries enables me to keep walking past the morbidly huge berries, grotesque and hollow, that show up in grocery stores in April from irrigated desert fields. The reason Michigan and other places in the Upper Midwest grow the best vegetables and fruits in the world is because of our adequate rainfall, warm days and cool nights.

I like to mash them up with a bit of sugar and spoon them over vanilla ice cream for dessert. A dollop of real whip cream on top adds a special touch. If you take the time to whip up some biscuits or shortcake you'll have Michigan's best early summer dessert on your table. Wherever you are, should you see Michigan berries for sale, snap them up. They're worth whatever price you have to pay.

With my garden approaching forty fifty-foot rows on one side of the driveway and nine two-hundred foot rows on the other side, my hands hurt tonight and my legs are crampy. Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the garden to paint and work on my query letter and my ideal agent list, the perfect agent who will guide me to an editor and a publisher and a rewarding writing life.

Three Hail Marys for an agent, and editor, and a rewarding writing life.


rebecca said...

Wow! What do you grow?

And, good luck on your query letter and finding your way towards a rewarding writing life. I don't know if you're familiar with her site but there's a blog called The Query Shark, where the author posts query letters that are sent to her for perusal and critique. She'll let you know whether your letter is written in a way that will open that door for you or not. Check her out, it's very interesting.

Yvonne said...

Hi Rebecca,
Everything from strawberries and lettuces to garlic and cabbage. We take much of it to a local farmer's market and organic restaurant. I do know about that blog and maybe I will throw my query to the Shark. I don't know why I've suddenly turned into such a chicken. I just ordered the book you recommended on your blog, "On Becoming a Novelist". Actually, it's on backorder at Amazon.

Chatters said...

Strawberries and cream.. yum.