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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

As the year comes to a close I must post one final missive in 2009. Tonight there will be a blue moon, an astrological phenomenon. The term "blue moon" generally refers to the second full moon in a month and occurs just once every 2.7 years. But the last blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve was 19 years ago, in 1990. So, you could say that a blue moon on New Year’s Eve happens only once in a great while. While I’m not one for resolutions, one can’t help but think it a good time for a fresh start, on a personal level and on a national level. “America needs a break,” a friend at work said. And I agree. It’s once in a blue moon, and America deserves a break. Of course, he could have been referring to another invasive, humiliating, random drug test Americans are being increasingly subjected to. So, yes, Americans need a break. And I think we are all looking forward to a better decade ahead.

I already like the sound of 2010. Off years bother me. I like even numbers, colors that match, and straight rows. In the year two thousand and ten, I’m giving away the rest of my cookies and pulling out my yoga mat. I’m going to earn my Superior Scribbler award from Tricia O’Brien (thanks Tricia!) and I will pass it along after serious thought. I will also pass on my Humane Blog award from Andrea Cremer in the coming year. It’s only once in a blue moon one receives such honors. We don’t pass these out like cupcakes . . . do we?

I am thankful for all my new blogger friends. I am thankful for my new Christmas books—A Prayer For Owen Meany, Men Who Stare at Goats, A History of Love, and Gathering Blue, and—from one who knows me well—a vintage copy of early poems from the voice of a generation, The Lords and the New Creatures, by Jim Morrison....

"What sacrifice, at what price can the city be born?"

He was an environmentalist before his time- "What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister?" And I think it amazing that someone had those thoughts in the sixties with everything else that was going on.

But here we are on the eve of 2010, and I’m thankful for heat and blankets and cranberry daiquiris and people with whom to share them. I’m thankful for a chance at a Blue Moon. May the new year bring peace to the world and reward to all those who work hard and do good things.

So here's to all of you.


Jean said...

I love Blue Moons! I guess because as a teen our family would have blue moon parties. (Blue food can be hard to find.)

I can actually remember where I was the last time there was a blue moon on New Year's. That's when I learned that there was such thing as a blue moon. Cool, eh?

Happy New Year!

Yvonne said...

What a great idea for a party... a blue moon party. This would've been the year for a New Year's Eve bash and I blew it. I don't remember where I was that year....
oh well. Happy New Year, Jean.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the informative and inspirational post.

We are going out tonight and I will be sure to pass along this little tidbit. I am also inclined to pay attention and begin hosting Blue Moon Parties complete with blue food and blues-y music.

Your reflection on the past year and your forward thinking to the new one are enjoyable to read. I wish you well for the 2010 season!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Beautifully written. It gives me hope for this new year to read this. So here's to you, as well. May 2010 give us a break and some uplift, too. I'm ready to soar.

Simon C. Larter said...

Happy New Year, good lady. Cranberry daiquiris all round!

Yvonne said...


Thank you and have fun tonight.


And thank you. Hope is contagious, so here's to soaring in 2010!


Blogger gave me trouble posting the photo of my toast but here it is. Happy New Year to you!

Jemi Fraser said...

Lovely post, Yvonne. I only learned of the Blue Moon meaning in the last few years - strangely part of my Gr 6 science unit :)

I think I'm with Jean on the Blue Moon party - that would be FUN!

Enjoy a wonderful new year - those nice even numbers should bring you luck!

TK Richardson said...

What a nice way to ring in the new year. I'm looking forward to soaring, as well!

Oh, and I didn't know so much about blue moons. I just thought it was a figure of speech. Now I know better. Blue Moon parties sound like a fun way to celebrate. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time...

Happy New Year!

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Here's to you as well! I hope 2010 is a good year for all of us. Yes, indeed. We deserve a break! And a big glass of our favorite beverage.

Yvonne said...

Yes, doesn't a blue moon party sound great? I've always wanted to have a winter solstice party too.

May 2010 bring you good luck as well!

So, here's to soaring,(raised glass)
Thanks for reading!

Hi Mary Anne,
It's so nice to make a new blogger friend! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne, I was aware of Blue Moons but I never thought much about them. Thanks to you, now I do and I wish I would have planned a Blue Moon themed get-together! You always did make me think! Love you...Julia

Anonymous said...

So cool !
I love your blog too!!

Yvonne said...

Julia?? My dear friend, Julia? Well...words don't suffice so a phone call today to start the new year off right.

I'm so happy you found my blog.

Thanks! I love your picture. Thank you for commenting.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I loved that we had a blue moon this year. I think it's a sign of a great year ahead. Happy new year!
My Blog

Alisa said...

I didn't realize it was a blue moon as I watched the full orb rise over the sand dunes of Death Valley, but, as your post described, I felt its luminous presence as a promising omen. I, too, see this upcoming year as one of renewal, regeneration, and a greater discovery of the creative potential that lies within each of us. Happy 2010!!

Yvonne said...

You were in Death Valley on New Years? How awesome is that? It's one of those places I've never been but want to go. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as soon as you get it up and running.


Laura said...

And, cheers to you Yvonne!! This is going to be a fantastic year!!

Chatters said...

Blue Moon New Year... Yes a rare happening. We sat outside and stared up to the skies as 2010 arrived...celebrating without knowledge of the protense.

Chatters said...

I love the pic of your cranberry dacs!

Nishant said...

That's when I learned that there was such thing as a blue moon.

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