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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why You Should Preorder Books

If there is a book coming out from one of your writerly friends via traditional publishing that you plan to purchase anyway, the best way to support them is to preorder. Publishers look at preorder numbers to determine their print run. Early sales are also important. The first two weeks of a book's shelf life are the most important. This article by Sophie Perinot at From The Write Angle explains why.

I did not know this. I'm inherently guilty of procrastination, but I did not know that my preorder could make a difference. For all the times I said to myself...I like the sounds of this and I'm going to buy it....later. I'M SORRY!!! PREORDER is the word of the day.

Thank you Sophie for opening my eyes.


Anne Gallagher said...

It's a good idea all the way around. Even if you don't buy it the second it comes out, it still helps the author with the numbers.

Frances Garrood said...

Very good point, Yvonne. This was one of the many things I didn't know when my books were published...

Jemi Fraser said...

I've never actually preordered a book - I should do that!

Liza said...

Didn't know this. Thanks for sharing!

Ed Pilolla said...

i never knew this either. thanks. this information actually reorders some to-do things in my mind.

Yvonne Osborne said...

I never realized it mattered. Now I know.

I've never had to think about things like this before. Thanks!

I never have either. Now I'll make more of a point to do that.

Thank you!

Yes, I need to reorder my to-do list as well. Thanks!

Mindy McGinnis said...

Absolutely - thanks for the FTWA shout out!

Yvonne Osborne said...

You're absolutely welcome! Thanks.