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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Heifer In Heat

I was carefully pulling out small weeds from around smaller Swiss chard seedlings when suddenly the electric fence behind me that encircles the pasture dropped to the ground. Startled, I got to my feet in time to see an edgy heifer race through the asparagus bed and up the driveway. The nervous animal had been pacing the fence all morning, but I didn’t think much of it, until the fence dropped behind my back.
With the fence on the ground behind me I was all attention. You see the pasture also houses a bull. A barrel-chested, black as midnight, thousand-pound bull who growls like a bear when he’s coming for the watering trough, like this better be full or someone’s gonna be sorry.

I quickly cased the field to locate the bull. Thank God…he was way over on the other side. Dad says the heifer is in heat. I guess the bull didn’t know it yet, grazing at the other end of the fifty-acre field under a fence row of shade trees. Someone suggested she was looking for her man. I surmised she was trying to get away from him.  

My sister and I herded her into the barnyard and my husband repaired the fence before the bull could take advantage of the break and ruin my day.


Steven J. Wangsness said...

That's certainly different from life here in the big city. My biggest animal worry is squirrels stealing the strawberries.

Frances Garrood said...

What worked for us when a herd of cows invaded our ( last) garden was training the hose on them while waiting for help. Might work with a bull?

Anthony Duce said...

I’m glad all turned out well.

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! Very glad the bull was way far over. No one wants a bull on the loose :)

Yvonne Osborne said...

Squirrels are pesky. I wouldn't downplay their potential.

That's right! They certainly don't like water sprayed on them. Ask the 4-H steers when they're getting their bath:) I wouldn't trust that though to turn a bull from his intent.

Thanks. Me too!!

That would've been bad. We wouldn've all headed for the house and locked the doors.lol! Thanks