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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Flash 55

The boys gathered around the hydrant as darkness fell. What’s your nationality? one asked her. Stillness descended like night on the wheat field, and she understood the question carried a weight she didn’t understand. You know, he prodded, where are your ancestors from? She wondered at their silence. She wasn't sure where she was from.
It's Friday, so time for a flash, fiction that is. If you write flash fiction, condense it into 55 words and then let the G-Man know. It's fun. It's Friday. Where're you from???


Linc said...

Oh, this story hits somewhere very uncomfortable. So much meaning packed into so few words... wow.

Anonymous said...

I want to grab her by the hand and pull her away from them.

Brian Miller said...

yeah, i feel the tension as well...and not just because she doesnt know, i do find that sad but....oy...

izzy said...

Definitely a hold your breath moment! great and sad all at once- thanks.

Liza said...

As an adoptive mother, this hits home in a pretty strong way. Yvonne, there is a tribute for you over at Middle Passages today.

hedgewitch said...

Where we are from is always a bit of a mystery, even for those who have genealogical charts...I do believe our heredity is in us inescapably, but also that what we do in our own right is more important. A very interesting and thought provoking 55, Yvonne.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thanks. This one has been lurking around in the back of my head.

Thank you. I feel the same.

Maybe she doesn't know, or maybe she's just afraid to say. Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Oh Gosh....a tribute? That's waaay cool! And quite timely, as I've been composing a post about blogging, the what ifs, etc. Thanks so much.

Thank you. I so agree with your take on my little 55.

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

With each successive generation that question become harder to answer.

Mr. Charleston said...

Ode to mongrel America.

Daydreamertoo said...

Aww...how sad.. We all like to know where we are from, don't we? It gives us a kind of sense of belonging?
Yes, I'd want to have a go at the bullies too.

Teresa said...

What an uncomfortable and disturbing write. Chilling to think about what might come next.

Other Mary said...

Oh, what an ominous start! I can feel the tension. Also, thanks for your very nice comment on my 55 Yvonne!

Yvonne Osborne said...

How very true. Thank you!

Mr. Charleston,
Well, we are afterall the "melting pot". Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Uncomfortable, yes. Thanks.

Other Mary,
Used to be one could be proud of where they came from. Not so much, anymore. I have a friend who was Palestinian but her mother always told everyone she was Lebanese. That's sad. Thanks.

G-Man said...

Not knowing my real father, I've pondered this conundrum many times.
Very thought provoking Yvonne, thanks for this brilliant little Gem.
Loved your 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for your wonderful support once again, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

Secret Agent Woman said...

I was talking with a patient (adopted) just this week about his frustration of not knowing his ancestry - mostly for his daughter's sake.

Alice Audrey said...

Seems like any non-native whose family has been in USA for more than a couple of generations has to be counted as a mongrel. There is too much intermingling to name just one place. The longer the roots, the more places go on the list.

Doctor FTSE said...

Liked the understated menace in this.

L. Diane Wolfe said...


Lydia said...

That's tensely brilliant, Yvonne. Sets the mind to reeling.

Cad said...

So much implied in one simple question...

Yvonne Osborne said...

I'm glad you liked it. There are a lot of people like you, more than we know. Thanks for your constant commitment to the Flash 55 exercise. It's made me realize what can be said in 55 words. As I'm one who is always over word count,this is good for me.

Secret Agent,
That would bother me too. Thanks so much for commenting.

Yes. Thank you!

Thank you. I like it when you visit me.

Hi there! Thank you so much!!

Thank you. I appreciate it soooo much.

Thanks. I thought so too. Thank you for the affirmation.

Akelamalu said...

How sad for her. Great writing!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thanks! (I'm always afraid I'm going to misspell your handle!)

Shadow said...

...should it matter? great 55!

Shakira Choong said...

I had been like her most of my life and even when I tell them, they do not believe me. I learned to forgive their ignorance. People can be very rude to the point of hurting one mentally and I do feel for her. Great one,Yvonne.

Mine is here

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

It's troubling that origins still matter to some people. We're all from the same place: Earth.

Brian Miller said...


Was asked to do a write up on 55s for Nain Rouge mag...(G referenced the mag in his post the other day) would like to include yours (with credit of course). If interested, please email me ASAP so I can work it in.


Margaret said...

This chills me to the bone... as if what happened next depended on her genetics... her ancestry.

J.B. Chicoine said...

Wow, what a lot of tension built up in 55 words. I love everything that is implied in the contrast between a hydrant and wheat field...nice bit of drama!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Well, no. It shouldn't. Thanks!

I'm sorry that has happened to you. Yes, people can be rude and thoughless. Thanks.

Yes, origins, religion, color....
Thank you.

Thank you! I'd be honored to be included.

Thank you. I felt like that when writing it.

Thanks! I'm glad you mentioned the hydrant and the wheat field. I'm partial to little details like that. Thank you.