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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shotgun Shells and Spaghetti Sauce

Walking down the gravel road towards dusk with a bowl of spaghetti sauce under my coat, gunshots went off in the woods to the north of me, and then along the creek to the south of me and in the woods behind me, and I wonder that there aren't more accidents than what are reported. I wrapped my arms around the bowl for warmth and made my way up the incline of the road. It was snowing, but not hard. Shots were still going off, but receding and the ribbon of the road stretched out in front of me on a surreal trajectory.

If you're hit by a bullet, do you feel it? Does it hurt? I imagine my bowl of spaghetti being blown to smithereens, sauce down the front of my coat and in my hair and then what would they eat for dinner? How long would it take before someone noticed my lifeless body in the ditch? And if I was only wounded, would I be able to make my way home?

A handful of sliced fresh mushrooms,
1 onion, several stalks of celery and
fresh garlic (as much as you like)
diced and simmered in 1/2 stick butter
and/or olive oil until translucent.
Add two quarts of canned tomatoes,
1 bay leaf, 1t oregano, more garlic (pressed)
2t salt and 2t. pepper.
I like to add meatballs
for substance, but if you don't
have a local source
for good meat you can chunk it
up with winter squash (delicata are nice)
Simmer all day on the stove,
stirring frequently.
Your sauce will thicken as it simmers.

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Melissa said...

Probably the most creative segue into a recipe I have ever read. You've stirred my imagination and pulled my hunger trigger. (And I have always wanted this recipe!)