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Thursday, October 11, 2012

There's A New Game In Town (Friday flash 55)

She wished only for the one she remembered
to pour her a draft and play her a song.

But the jukebox was gone,
and the shuffleboard they brushed elbows over

was replaced by the new game in town.
Keno and Poker sit atop the bar like gargoyles.

A stranger asks to know
Do you play?

On Fridays, the best game on the internet landscape is Friday Flash 55 hosted by the G-Man. Write a story in exactly 55 words then post it and let the man know. He particularly likes it when you have a main character, a plot and an ending.

On a cold night like this, I like sitting inside with my warm laptop under my fingers, making up stories. TGIF!!!!


G-Man said...

You are so sweetly responsive Yvonne Osborne...(Thanks)

I love shuffleboard in a bar, it's very hard to find one still in operation. Your story was DEAD ON!
Loved your lamenting 55
Thanks for playing, You Rock from Marysville to Omer!! (And parts of Tuscola County)
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Other Mary said...

Oh, I love the description, "Keno and Poker sit atop the bar like/ gargoyles." But does the stranger bring a glimmer of hope?

Brian Miller said...

i hate it when they jack the old places up...stealing all the memories...maybe there is hope in that stranger for new memories to be made...

izzy said...

Do love the old hangouts- can't go in some now-one burnt down! thanks for the reverie!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thanks, man I love FF55. Love shuffleboard and old-style jukeboxes. By the way, where the hell is Omer??:)

Thank you so much. A stranger always offers hope.

Me too. They just took out the last remaining jukebox in these parts from a local haunt. You know...where you could flip through the covers and choose your song. But I guess more than that, I hate how the gambling game has taken over the bar scene. Thanks.

Oh! That's awful. The old hangouts are the best.

hedgewitch said...

I do feel the twinge here--the nostalgia for what was so much fun and what made the experience real--but there's always the consolation that what goes around comes around, the more it changes the more it stays the same--my grandmother's generation was before jukeboxes, hung out and played Keno(and bingo) and the men played almost ritualized poker. Still, the next fad for our old favorites will probably not come back around in time for us. ;-) Loved this, Yvonne.

Alice Audrey said...

Tell me about it! The entire state of Montana has been taken over by those stupid machines and your oh-so-friendly neighborhood casino. It's disgusting.

Anthony Duce said...

Enjoyed. I was always going to do more than talk and drink and of course observe. Now my excuse can be, I liked the one that was replaced… Maybe.

Lydia said...

Wow, that is a poignant tale, Yvonne. Made me sad for her. Change is constant, but difficult to accept in some cases, especially when the replacement is not as rich as the original.

˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

I love your powerful 55!It sadden me when they replaced things that are so much a part of our history. Very nice, Yvonne. Mine is here

Daydreamertoo said...

LOL great 55...I've never heard of Keno.

Myrna R. said...

Perfect 55. So sad her hope of relationship was removed and replaced. But, maybe she can learn to play a new game.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Bingo used to be the big thing didn't it? And all those smokers....

I don't like it either. It's depressing.

Observing is good. Thanks!

Thank you. As Seger sang, "The only thing that's certain, is that everything will change

Thank you very much!

It's some stupid video/gambling game, highly addictive from what I've been told. Don't think you're missing anything.

Thanks for commenting!

Shadow said...

there's is a glimpse of hope towards the end... is there?

Yvonne Osborne said...

There is if you want there to be.


Anonymous said...

Ha - I love the way the games sit like gargoyles - and the bar is rather like a slightly gloomy cathedral - shuffleboard also a very funny touch!

Your quote by Red Smith? - about sitting down at the typewriter and opening a vein is wonderful. k.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thanks. I love that quote too. I've changed a lot of things on my blog but that baby stays!