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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Flash 55


They called her into the corn field
and said they just wanted to look at it.
She studied the silk and tassel above her head,
not knowing they were the male and female parts
that together formed the cob.
They whispered against her thighs
and clucked their tongues
and a flock of blackbirds darkened the sky.

If you can write a flash story in exactly 55 words that you want to share, post it and then visit the G-Man who moderates Flash Fiction Friday every Friday.



Heaven said...

Nice images with clucking tongues and blackbirds...Happy FF 55 ~

G-Man said...

Ya know, It's bad enough that corn is so phallic, but they whisper against your thighs as well?
A Maizing 55 My Friend!!!
I really really loved how creative this was. PLUS you sort of gave us a Little Hitchcock at the end?
You Rock!!!
Thanks for playing, and it's nice to see you back...:P
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

moondustwriter said...

Beautifully woven indeed Yvonne
Happy Friday

Anthony Duce said...

Had to read it twice… But of course I’m a city boy.

Brian Miller said...

this has some underlying tension in it...really nicely written...the whisper on the thighs is a great touch...

lime said...

there's something about the cornfields...

TALON said...

This was eerie, Yvonne. And so well done. A real tale in 55 words which will make G-Man very very happy. :)

Talli Roland said...

Oh, that's lovely, Yvonne!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Cad said...

A pretty picture for your 55, thanks!

Daydreamertoo said...

Sensual... lovely 55 :)

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Thanks! I always liked Hitchock...so much better than ghosts and vampires. What is most frightening is what we can do to each other. And of course, something about corn fields has always terrified me, so easy to get lost....

Thank you so much!

City boys were always a little dense! :) Thanks for visting me here in the country!

Thank you. Whisper is also what the corn stalks do. And I'm glad the tension seeped through. I thought it worked.

I agree! Totally. Thank you.

Thanks so much. Yeah, we gotta keep the man happy!

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you. I'm glad you could see the picture!

Thanks! I meant for it to be sensual, as well as eerie, so I'm glad you found it so.

Nevine said...

I loved the dark eroticism of this piece, Yvonne. Somehow, I know I'll be carrying parts of this with me as I go about my day. These images are not so easily forgotten...


Travener said...

Very nice. Great imagery.

Akelamalu said...

Very sensual imagery!

Thanks for visiting mine to read my 55. :)

Alice Audrey said...

So subtle and so encompassing. Excellent writing.

jbchicoine said...

This reminds me so much of a walk I took past the cornfields where I live! just perfect! :)

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thank you. I'll remember your comment!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks! I'm tried to make the rounds, hard to keep up. Thanks for coming over here.


Thank you. I know.... something about a corn field is very evocative.

Doctor FTSE said...

This is both sensual and sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Herb Mallette said...

Evocative and spooky and sensuous all at the same time! Excellent job!

hedgewitch said...

That second line turns this from excellent and evocative description to poetic mystery--loved it, dark and frightening as only a corn maze can be. All that alien life blotting out everything else...

Jemi Fraser said...

Very nice! Love the twists and turns of your writing :)

Margaret said...

I guess I read this so differently... I picture "they" as some boys called her into the cornfield and she tuned them out by studying what was up above... it chilled me to the core... in a good, scary, poetic way..

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thank you!

Thanks. Glad you liked.

Thank you. Corn mazes are the creepiest. They always make me think of that ending in The Shining.

Thank you and thanks for your long support of my little blog.

You have it exactly right. She is little and they are big. She is afraid to do anything other than acquiesce. Thanks for reading.

Katherine Krige said...

Kind of glad I got here a little late to read some of the comments gone before me. It takes on a much more sombre hue now that leaves me a little cold. And that means those words have touched me. Nice in a nasty way.

Yvonne Osborne said...

I'm glad you got here too! Thank you so much.

Nessa said...

You made my chest tighten ... very subtle and poetic for what I perceive as a very disturbing coinsurance.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Hey! Thanks! Chest tightening can be good in some circumstances. Poetry should invoke an emotional response. Thanks for taking the time to tell me that this one did.

Ed Pilolla said...

a swoopingly dark energy to this.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thank you. That's nice. Thanks.