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Monday, August 8, 2022

What Summer Makes Us Do

Beets simmer in the pot
as the sun burns a path
through the archetypal mist of dawn.
Ferns hang limpid in the dew
and cattle low from the hilltop.
Mary hangs sheets from the line in her underwear
slapping out love from the folds.

Penning a poem of just 44 words to make up a Quadrille for dVerse, the pub where poets hang out. 
For Quadrille #157 the only other requirement is the inclusion of some form of the word type. I may  have stretched that a bit. Check out the pub!!


Jane Dougherty said...

Love the many layers of this, and the images that flash from placid, pastoral, chocolate box to the slap of everyday love

Gillena Cox said...

A summer type. Nice one Yvonne.
Thanks for dropping by to read mine


Anthony Duce said...

Love it. Especially the visuals the words create..

De Jackson said...

Oh, that last line is just fantastic! And this:
"the sun burns a path"

Such vivid imagery here. Well done!

Merril D. Smith said...

So wonderful images--and I love that last line!

Truedessa said...

Great use of imagery!

Glenn Buttkus said...

That close was killer, burning a dusky image in my mind, a lady in black underwear, beating those sheets with and of love.

paeansunplugged said...

Very vivid imagery.

Carol Congalton said...

How lovely! Great imagery!

Mish said...

Vivid, whimsical images packed so neatly into 44 words.

Ron. said...

Quadrilliffic! Thanks.

ms_lili said...


She is a person who has her own slice of heaven. Is that lake shot near where you live? You mentioned Michigan in your side bar. Good place to enjoy paradise in any season.


David Bogomolny said...

Yvonne - those last two lines are an entire world unto themselves - I'm tempted to incorporate them into a poem of my own somehow... Simply amazing.

Much love,
David [ben Alexander]

Yvonne Osborne said...

Ms Lili, Yes, the lake is near us. Lake Huron! As a matter of fact, I swam in it yesterday and almost lost my glasses, forgot I had them on when I dived in. Lost in the moment!!

David, I'm honored you're tempted!! Thanks

Tanmay Thomas Philip said...

From everyday domestic to profound symbolism with the sun, pastoral bliss to an intriguing love affair, I love how you quickly change scenes in this. Great quadrille, Yvonne. It's hard to write like this, and also make it easy enough for someone like me to understand.


Yvonne Osborne said...

Hi Tammy,
What a lovely heart-lifting compliment. Thank you!

rallentanda said...

Mary in her underwear hanging out the sheets is a great image.....I love quotidian poetry....there is a lot of magic in the every day

Yvonne Osborne said...

Thank you! You're right, magic in the little moments that so often go unnoticed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.